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Libby's Loons School Programs


Libby’s Loons is appropriate as a book to be read to children in grades K-4. Classroom programs include;

  • Nancy reading the story with discussion, and
  • a science/art/literacy poster project for the students.

The story spans three seasons on a lake. Seasonal changes of loon features, behavior and habitat are found in both text and illustrations throughout the story, and in facts about loons listed on the end page. During discussion Nancy leads children to identify and point out some of these features. There are also opportunities for observation of other animals and of Libby’s actions and demeanor.

The last page of the book gives information provided by Biodiversity Research Institute. Each statement answers the heading question, “Did You Know That”. In the project the heading is used as a prompt and each student will choose a fact about loons learned from the reading to complete the sentence in the form of a question. After editing the writing the student creates an illustration on the paper to depict the written information. When the poster is completed it can be displayed in school or classroom.

This project integrates science, literature and art in the school curriculum while the story excites in children the desire to advocate for wildlife and nature.

Contact Nancy today to discuss having her bring Libby’s Loons to life in her interactive session at your school!

Nancy Prince
55 Woodland Avenue
Wilton, Maine 04294

Educators’ reviews

Nancy Prince’s school visits are engaging, informative, and enjoyable. Students are encouraged to think, ask questions, write and illustrate during this former teacher’s author visit. It is wonderful to have an author share a meaningful message through literature and art.

- Andrea Ferrari, Principal of Stratton and Kingfield Schools

Libby’s Loons is a wonderful story!

My class enjoyed the beautifully illustrated pages as well as the well-written story line. The educational value in learning about the environment of loons is priceless, especially for Maine children, who experience the presence of loons on Maine waters quite frequently.

Nancy Prince’s classroom visit includes a wonderfully integrated activity involving art and science that the students thoroughly enjoy.

- Nancy Pond, G.D. Cushing School, Wilton, ME

Libby’s Loons is a wonderful story that showcases a family of loons that live on the shores of a lake in western Maine. The story is told through the eyes of young Libby as she closely watches the loons throughout the seasons. Children of all ages will enjoy this book. The story is engaging and insightful. The illustrations are eye catching and full of detail. The children in my first grade class absolutely loved this book.

We were fortunate to have Mrs. Prince come to our school to read the book and help teach our students all about loons. The children drew pictures and wrote about what they learned at the end. It was amazing how much the children learned from just one presentation! A must read for young naturalists!

- Diane Kyes, Cushing School, Wilton, ME