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Elijah and Venise Fournier,
Auburn Public Library

A charming book, the writer offers children a wonderful window into the world of loons. The writing is engaging, the illustrations are absolutely superb, and the story offers a strong environmental message without losing sight of its requirement to entertain and delight. A pleasure to see art and education so comfortably hand in hand. Nicely done; a fun read.
- Dick and Pamela Matthews, Phillips, ME

This is just a delightful story. Depicts the real life of a Loon in an entertaining and educational manner with beautiful illustrations..This story can be enjoyed by young and old..Well written, a must buy for all.
- Betty Rafuse, St. Johnsbury, VT

Having read many books over the years to my grandchildren I found Libby’s Loons a good story, with just the right balance of entertainment and education. There is an element of suspense that had me and my grandchildren holding our breath hoping for Chicklet’s safety. The illustrations are well done, artistic and yet understandable for the children.
- Carole Davis, Mt. Vernon, WA

“Libby’s Loons” is a wonderful story about a child’s connection to her natural world and the remarkable loons. The story unfolds with the hopeful expectancy and excitement of changing seasons and attention to the details that a child sees and experiences in nature. In an era of increased disconnection from the natural world, this is an invaluable story for young people. Libby’s story about her loons is rich with educational information about these fascinating creatures. Wren’s illustrations depict the vibrant landscape and immense power of both the natural and man-made threats to the loons.
- Sandy Maxey, Asheville, NC

This is an excellent story, and it shows the love of loons and love of lake. Wonderful story. Beautiful pictures. Great gift for children and Grandchildren, I have 6 copies for Christmas gifts.
- Sandra Muller, Cromwell, CT

Dear Ms Prince, I purchased your book: Libby’s Loons this past fall in Maine. The illustrations by Luanne Wrenn are stunning. The book traveled south with us in early November.  We winter on an island in the Gulf of Mexico.  Libby’s Loons now graces my coffee table on the north deck overlooking the Mississippi Sound—just waiting for the loons to migrate here. What a wonderful, inspiring book for me to break out the spotting scope, binoculars, kayak, camera, bird books, and children’s literature anthologies. Sincerely, ML Connor McCall, Dauphin Island, AL

March 4, 2011 – Dear Ms. Prince, Hi! How are you doing today? I hope you are doing great! Thank you for coming in to our class and reading your book. I really like your book Libby’s Loons. You did great writing it. I like the part when the eagle was going to get the baby loon. That was a close one! What was the illustrator’s name? She did a really good job. My favorite illustration was the part where she was looking through the binoculars and it was really up close so we could see the loon. I hope you come back and read a new book that you write. Sincerely, Paul

March 4, 2011 – Dear Ms. Prince, Hi! How are you doing today? Thank you for reading your book Libby’s Loons. I hope you get big bucks from this book. The book had a lot of loons. The writing is like a professional. I hope you can write more books. My favoriate part of the book are the baby loons. Sincerely, Thomas

March 4, 2011 – Dear Ms. Prince, How have you been? How are you doing today? I really hope you are doing well. I want to say thanks for reading your book Libby’s Loons to the whole class. I like the entire book. Have a great day! Your friend, Aurora

March 4, 2011 – Dear Ms. Prince, Thank you for reading us the book, Libby’s Loons. I liked it! My favorite part was when Libby saw some loons swimming. You did a nice job reading it to us. It is great that you like loons so much that you wrote this book. I hope that you write another book. Maybe you could write a book about cats and Libby. Sincerely, Scott

March 4, 2011 – Dear Ms. Prince, Hi! How are you doing today? I hope you are well! Thank you for reading your book Libby’s Loons. Thank you for coming and taking some time to read it to us. My favorite part of the book was the eagle swooping down and trying to get the loon and its baby. The loon was close to getting eaten. How long did it take the illustrator to work on this book? I think the illustrator did a really really good job.  Hope you come again soon. Sincerely, Chris